Friday, October 14, 2016

Paper Pumpkin Chain Garland

5 Little Pumpkins sitting on the bed and
20 Little Pumpkins hanging out overhead!

Join us!

After a week of living with these, I promise, even Scrooge would break a smile at the sight of  "Pumpkins with personality." Make these is 2 minutes. (OK. Maybe I'm exaggerating slightly, but, honestly: 5 or 10 if you're really looking to bring out your A-game.) Perfect for kids and adults!

(a cautionary tale of Halloween lore: 
this simple format is deceitfully additive: you just can't stop at one.)

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The paper chain doll must be one of the oldest paper crafts, right? Remember the awe these inspired the very, very first time you folded and cut a pattern as a child? I do. I can almost smell the class room and the feel of inexpensive, classroom, construction paper.

Easiest little Holiday element ever and can be made to perfect with type-A personality perfection or by littles (on their own, as an invitation to create) or like we did, a collaborative project.  

Cutting Paper Pumpkin Chains is exactly the same as cutting Paper Doll Chains;
just a little... chubbier. 
If you wanted to super, super, simplify, you can make a paper chain of ovals.

Paper, writing tools (pen, pencil, coloured pencil, marker), scissors

How to:
- Fold your paper in half .
- Cut along the fold so that you have two equal strips
- Tape these strips together. 
- Fold long strip of paper, accordion style: see 1, below.
- Press this accordion fold paper flat: see 2, below.
- Lightly draw pattern on top, see 3 below.
- Cut.

- Unfold and you have your Pumpkin Chain!
If you'd like to make a longer chain, repeat this and attach this original chain to a second chain; repeat until you're satisfied.

In our household, I love collaborative projects so much. Holidays bring great windows for luring in big kids to create.

When the kids were toddlers and we could spend long, languid hours creating together. 
If this is you and the age of your kids, these are just such an invitation to create and I'd love to see where your makes take you. 

At this point in our family life, our free time is riddled with homework, actives, games and passions the kids have that are their own which I'm thrilled about. People often ask me how we find the time to create as a family, as the kids get older.

This is a perfect example of a way to create with older kids:

On Friday night, I had the pumpkins cut and placed them out on a table with markers; where I left them all weekend. By Sunday night, we had our pumpkin community. It was easy + uncomplicated: no messy elements and a project for a boy standing on one leg with a ball in the other hand. As the weekend, started,  I only asked that they each draw 3 but, I noticed that one they started or when they saw the others, the creating continued.

I like open ended art projects, like paintings and constructions. The kids really love big, messy experiments, too;  but, pulling out a craft can be a perfect family collaboration and centring these around holidays is an incentive. Creativity comes in many forms!
By the time backpacks were closed on Sunday night, we had a string of Pumpkins to start off our week: even sweaty boys in team uniforms or with ball in hand; girls who prefer hand-stands and even visiting, inquisitive neighbors joined in to add a face or two to our community and they've been making us smile all week.

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Would you like to add simple, everyday, creativity to your family -- or travel with us to Sweden --- just sign up here and never miss a post.


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