Friday, October 14, 2016

DIY Halloween Lollipop Wrappers


Personalize your own spooky treats this year with 
DIY Halloween Lollipop Wrappers.

Follow me under the light of the Halloween Moon to the Pumpkin Trail below.
I'll tell you my secret!

Orange and Green Lollipops in Wrappers *
Permanent Pen (I used black and a metallic green)
Washi tape and or Ribbon

How to Make
-  Draw on blank side of plastic wrapped lollipop.
- Secure Top with Ribbon or Washi tape Leaf.

It's actually easier than saying 1, 2, 3 because it's a two step process. I hope you have a ball embellishing and creating your very own personalised Halloween this year! 

*If you don't have plain, plastic wrapped Lollipops you can make your own by removing wrappers on orange lollipops or orange hard candies and then wrapping these with your own translucent wrapping paper. Just cut a piece to fit your candy and secure top with washi tape or ribbon. 

I doubt you really even need me to tell you how I've done these but, I wanted to get these in your hands and make sure that you have this technique up your sleeve for the holiday ahead. I've made these as treats ahead of time and imagine setting these up as a part of holiday making or a party in the days ahead. I think it would be a really fun party craft to set out a bowl of plain lollipops and markers and to then let the kids make. 

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Boo! May your imagination run wild!

BONUS: The Full Moon must be taking effect, I have DOUBLE posts for you to make today. They're both so super, super, super easy that you almost don't need a tutorial but, I went ahead and created one just in case! HAPPY MAKING

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