Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back to School DIY

Hi friends.

I hope your summer has been just sumptuous.

 'm not quite back at my desk but, am thinking of creativity and you!  As we speak, I have our table full of several last-minute back-to-school projects that I hope to share with you soon. (Crossing, crossing fingers we complete everything before tomorrow morning!) Until then, I wanted to toss together a simple post with many of our school favorites and wish you a wonderful August!

Teacher Gifts, school supplies and little details for your kids make that shift into the swing of school feel so much better, right? All of these projects are so wonderful to do, side-by-side or can be prepared by you. I can't wait to get you started.

Don't you think school is sweet with a soft start? Make soft-serve ice cream cone hair bands:
Make Pompom Bookmarks
Pencase with Recycled Jeans:
I love up cycling the kids clothes and sent our daughter off on her first week away from home with this pen case made from her baby jeans!

One of my favorite teacher gifts:

DIY Monogram Notebook
Bake Alphabet Muffin. Send your kids off with L-O-V-E.
Apple Bird Snacks
Make Paper Storage Containers:
These are amazingly easy, full of possibility and a wonderfully functional project!
DIY Heart-shaped PompomsAdd this to a backpack, a belt or top a pencil (see below) to send your little's out with love.

DIY Personalized Containers:

One of my favorite teacher gifts:
DIY Alphabet Containers
This is one for big and small: We love each and every time. We've made them as gifts and have them on our desks.

Make a IPHONE Stand (it's a recycled project and most used!)

Washi Tape Locks: Make a lock that stands out in the hall.

Bulldog Bookmarks:

These are a fun way to keep the kids interested in reading and on the right page!

DIY Collectible Card Pencase

DIY COPPER Magnet Hack

Paint Watercolor Pencils /
Apples and Pea Pencils + more

Pocket Gift Wrap with Gift.

Apple Necklaces:

Paper Cup Apple Wrappings 

Teacher Cards Handprint Cards Boy | Girl

DIY easy Pocket Necklaces

I love, love, love these: soft, functional necklaces with a secret pouch for a small notebook. We've made and given these again time and time again.

Pompom Finger Knit Belt: and more:

T W E N T Y Simple Wearable Handmade Projects from willowday (click here)

I look forward to seeing you soon.Willowday Wishes!

52 Handmade Willowday Projects from 2014 (Click here)

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  1. Your tutorials are awesome. I wish I could be more creative and make these handmade things at least for myself >,<


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