Thursday, June 23, 2016

Super Simple Puppy Cupcakes

Simplicity brings true love --- of this I am sure.

If you are like me, with lots of occasions where you need to bring a treat for kids, then, jump down below to learn how to make these happy cookie-embellished treats to ring in happiness any day of the week! 

Simplicity, in the kitchen, to the rescue! In this case, simplicity tastes so good, too! If we've met here before then, you've surely met our pup, Henry. If not, welcome to willowday and meet, a cupcake version of our dog Henry.*

If you follow me on Instagram  then you've had a glimpse of Chipie, too. These two star-gazing actually pups tied the knot and I'm going to have to return on another occasion of more from that happy day!  With friends, we actually had quite the day but, today, I'll get you started with this simple recipe for kitchen and tummy happiness: Easiest Dog Cupcake Ever: Puppy Cupcakes.

These are a perfect kid-assembly-line project!

This is what you'll need:

- Cupcakes
- Chocolates for eyes (M& M's or a chocolate chip)
- Powdered Sugar
- Ballerina* Cookies  or similar*

(*These are an Oreo-type sandwich cookie with a hole in the middle exposing the filling. They are a common grocery store item in Sweden. If they aren't in your area of the world, then replace the nose with a chocolate.) 

Let's get started:
- Gather ingredients.
-Place Powdered Sugar in a bowl.
-Slice the cookies in half.

 - Gently cut the Cookie in half by slowly slicing the them with a knife, gently back and forth. Too much pressure with cause them to crumble.

- Dip the Cupcakes into the powdered sugar.
- Dip the Cookies to cover with powdered sugar.


If you're looking for a Bride and Groom, too, I added Bows by pressing chocolates into bow shapes and folded waxed paper/parchment paper into a fan and attached this to Chipie, as a veil!

Wishing you blissful making + enjoying!

I'm so happy to meet you here and hope this brings your fun! Today is our last day of school which means treats and happiness in our house. We are also busy packing bags because our first summer celebrations start tomorrow, both with Midsummer Celebrations and travel. 

I wish I had captured a photo of our dogs heading out into the archipelago, yesterday, on a ferry with a friend who takes care of them while we're away! They truly have the best notions of "a dogs life" with such good care and companionship while we're away.  Wishing you this and more! If you're inspired by this post, I love to hear from you + see what you do with it.

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