Friday, June 17, 2016

Make Clover Caterpillars and Daisy Dogs

Hi Friends. This is a little caterpillar that you might not mind bringing along on a picnic. I hope it sparks imagination for you this time of the year to find the simple in the world around your.
Flowers are such a perfect place to start and don't have to be confined to vases. We're not quite out of school so I wanted to share simple, little, creativity for you in your on break already but, an invitation to create for absolutely anyone at all.

Alongside a picnic, invite the kids to play with flowers, like this simple little Clover Caterpillar (and did you see the Dandy Lions, Lilac Llama? I'd love to see where flowers take you. If you join me on Instagram, then, maybe you saw yesterday's Daisy Dogs? (here)

Flower Fun Challenge: I'm the guest judge this week on Instagram for a Flower Fun Challenge and would love for you to join. Click here for more information. The challenge will continue through the week and winner will be announced on Tuesday.

Father's Day:
Are you ready for Dad this weekend? These are a few willowday Father's Day Projects:
Superdad: Printable 3D Father's Day Card
Superdad Pillow
Superdad Grill Set
Mustache Stencil Card
D-A-D --- Clay containers
Mustache Stencil Cards (For Father's Day)
Father's Day: DIY: Alphabet Containers
Father's Day Hand Print Card
Swedish Father's Day

If you've looking for more Father's Day ideas, click over, here, to Willowday's Pinterest Board for lots of fabulous new ideas.

If you're inspired by this post, I love to hear from you + see what you do with it. If you share these on Instagram or Facebook, please use the hashtag #willowdayproject and tag me at willowdaygram or share with me on Wllowday's Facebook Page. What works best for you? Is there another method that you'd prefer?

Summer Creativity:
Join us in Animal Flower Play this summer!

Create more flower fun with us all sumer long? I'm going to and would love to have your with us, too! For a little more inspiration, maybe there are invitation to get your creative thoughts flowing! 

I post regularly on Instagram (willowdaygram) and love meeting you there.
I'm so very happy to meet you again and wish you an inspired, imaginative, day!

Willowday Wishes.

I would love to see a Llama Party! Have you ever considered having one? If you have thrown one or plan to, I'd love to see what you've done.

25 + Nature Crafts

Would you like crafts with starts and finishes. Here's a book with a fantastic collection: "HAPPY HANDMADE?" (Click here for more)



  1. The caterpillar is so pretty. I wonder what they would look like with plastic flowers. That way they could last a little longer on display.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. Absolutely!


Thank you!