Monday, June 20, 2016

Macrame Rock Necklaces

These macrame rock necklaces were an idea that came about after we painted rocks but, would work with so many rock treatments, along with nature finds, such as seaglass or a piece of drift wood.

They were so beautiful and it gave me an idea that led to these necklaces and today, come join us in making these!


I think painting rocks is such a fun summer project! There are endless techniques for painting them and I always pack a few extra color-intense, jars of finger nail polish when we travel just for painting rocks! (Rock Painting and Journals (like those below) are two of my favourite travel projects and these necklaces are perfect for holding onto cherished treasures or creations!

Weave tight or loose, depending on the rock or your skill set. I share more about this in the post at the Artful Parent, along with other variations to help start the creativity. Take a look at The Artful Parent, to see the full tutorial!  If you use this tutorial, I'd just love to see what you do with it, to

If you're inspired by this post, I love to hear from you + see what you do with it.  Share with us on Instagram or Facebook, please use the hashtag #willowdayproject and don't forget to tag me there, Instagram or  Wllowday's Facebook Page.  I'm so very happy to meet you again and wish you an inspired, imaginative, day!

Willowday Wishes.

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