Thursday, May 26, 2016

Let's Paint with Dandelions


Simple Dandelion Invitation to create:
Paint with Dandelions.

This is an ultimate, crazy-simple, nature, summer, fun, experimentation project with beautiful outcome and all you need are two supplies.  For us, it's even a "Big and Small" makers project.

Curious? Come join me below....

(I have to be honest: it might not only be for kids. I joined and have have an ombre summer stationary set for myself, too! Big and small, right?)

Are you ready?

Let's go:This is what you need:Dandelions + paper.
Yes, that's it.

No mixing, not pounding. We've tried all of that and found that the intense color achieved by simply using a dandelion as a brush and "colouring" with it achieved our favorite color!

That's it!
So send your littles out with a basket to collect as many dandelions as they can.
Set out the paper and draw, draw, draw using dandelions as the color source.
- Draw patterns
- Draw something
- Make a drawing with pen or pencil and then, "paint" over the top of this drawing to add color.

Big, little, young or old, I find that simple ideas and experiments are like gold. These are the projects that we can fit in during a busy school year or repeat myself, in order to send off a note with a personal touch. I'd love to see what you do with this idea. For children, it's both and activity and a project. 

I look forward to meeting you again soon. I have several projects that I'm excited to share with you very soon and today, send you Willowday Wishes!

If you would like a PRINTABLE DANDELION to color, click here for printable.

If you're inspired by this post, I love to hear from you + see what you do with it.  If you share these on Instagram or Facebook, please use the hashtag #willowdayproject and tag meat willowdaygram or share with me on Wllowday's Facebook Page. What works best for you? Is there another method that you'd prefer?

Join me on Instagram where I post regular but, I'm so very happy to meet you again and wish you an inspired, imaginative, day!
Willowday Wishes.

Create more flower fun with us all sumer long? I'm going to and would love to have your with us, too! For a little more inspiration, maybe there are invitation to get your creative thoughts flowing! 

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