Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Notes from my table, Happy Spring

Good Morning. It's been ages since I've sat down and shared a little hello from my kitchen table. Spring wishes! I hope you're wonderful.

above: DIY Easter Pencil Toppers are one of my all-time-favorite project (here)

Although I don't think the lion and lamb wives tale that I grew up with exists in Sweden, this month has been lion and lamb. In the past week, we both seen our first Spring flowers on the lawn, as well as daily snow.  Our kitchen table is still full of candle sticks! I think every candle in our house landed on our tables, last night, as we experienced a neighbourhood wide power outage. Today's snowy morning, makes these feel natural but, I'm happy with lots of dashes of pink to keep my mind on the actual date. 

I'm working on big and small changes, on the blog and off the blog: time consuming and foot-dragging; but, all good.  I truly need extra hands but, where to start with this? Familiar? I'm posting regularly on Instagram, until I'm back to speed here and love meeting you there! I'm working hard to get a few more posts together with Easter projects this week. 

If you're looking for more Easter or Spring Inspiration,  click:
here for my Pinterest, (Holiday | Easter) board: so many clever ideas out there.
- Did you catch yesterday's posts (here | here) 

What about you? What does Easter bring in your house? Many Stockholmers seem to have left town early for Easter break. I feel the season's change: brighter nights, more runners in the streets and a lightness of spirit breaking loose. Our break is a little different and will come later but, we're looking forward to the long weekend ahead. 

These , recent, rainbow puzzles came from inspiration for a few upcoming, small, children's workshops I'm doing. I love functional art and even if you can't attend one of my workshops, these are something that you can easily make on your own and something I'd just love to see! Maybe we could build a rainbow album together?

Thank you for meeting us here. I'm so often wondering if there's something special that you're looking for? House, kitchen, healthy kids, Sweden, renovations --- all everyday happening that I'm so happy to share more of this is were something you were looking for, too.  It's so much fun for me to see what you do with willowday tutorials. If you make one, I'd love to see it on Facebook or Instragram. Tag these with #willowdaygramproject, if you'd like; you'd make my day!

Wishing you the happiest of days as Spring rolls out.

Willowday Wishes!

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