Monday, March 21, 2016

DIY Giant Carrot Wrappings

Would your bunnies find this funny?  
Make oversized, Giant Carrots for your funny bunnies with us this year!  

I would just love to see these sprinkled in the middle of an Easter Egg Hunt and I'm pinching myself because they're so cute in an oversized basket; plus, I'm super excited about their contents: a fabulous way to wrap up Easter Treats of the non-sugar kind. Check out what's inside this Giant Carrot below and I hope it might bring you a little inspiration!

(Disclaimer: If my kids are reading this, I know you'd dream of this being filled with sugary Easter candy; but, trust me: I think they're going to love the contents of these Giant Carrots, too!) 

Large Carton-weight board, Orange Crepe Paper, Green Crepe Paper, Cutting tool, Tape, Double -sized tape. Treats: due to the size, this is a great way to give art smocks, Pj's, art supplies, stuffed animals and --- balls! Several in our house are getting new basketballs and this is a super way to disguise this easy-to-identify-object!

Step 1. Cut lengths of green crepe paper for the carrot top. Fringe this on both sides.

Step 2. Twist the end together. Set aside.

Step 3. Cut cardboard cone and secure the sides with adhesive  (I used double-sided tape but, a glue gun would work perfectly here, as well.)

Step 4.  Fill the cone with presents and goodies. Wrap the cone with Orange Tissue Paper.

Step 5. Apply adhesive to the center top of the carrot and press the carrot top in place.
(I used double-sided tape but, a glue gun would work perfectly here, as well.)

One Giant Carrot, ready to go! If you're like me, I think you're going to want a patch, too!

I'd love to see what you do with this tutorial!

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