Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How to create a family time capsule and Pet Portrait Gallery

I'm so honoured to be in the Winter Issue of Momazine Magazine. The Winter edition was released yesterday. It's so beautifully presented and thoughtfully curated, I think you'll enjoy it, too. It is created as a creative journey for moms, creatives, photographers, illustrators, designers, bloggers, you. Each issue seeks to inspire the heart, the soul, and the imagination.

We discovered one another through beautiful images in Instagram and connected in conversation after I shared an image from our on-line Pet Portraits Gallery which is constantly growing and changing. In this issue of Momazine, I share some techniques that I haven't shared here at willowday and it was fun to consider how this simple idea grew and grew and grew.

I hope that you'll enjoy reading more there and that you also get the chance to enjoy some inspiring photography and ideas. I've been so happy to learn of many other creatives and photographers through this project. 
In preparation for this article, I started to think of the whys and hows behind this kids gallery.

I knew, first of all,  that using our pets for inspiration would be fun. Second,  using them was natural.  I originally thought about creating a gallery that would be exclusively self-portraits, but by choosing pets, I felt it would make the kids feel that it was less centred on themselves and that it would provide a chance to focus attention on something meaningful and something we share. Additionally, animal aesthetics can be so full of whimsey and dimension, I looked forward to seeing each of their individual personalities in those project. I love seeing their ideas come out through pens, pencils and paint brushes!

Pets worked great for us, but, you can expand this idea, make it your own and grow a gallery, as well, based on something relevant or important to your own family: portraits, vacations places, flower, cars, etc.

Like the annual birthday or back to school photo, I knew that everyone in the house would be able understand my yearly request for a new painting but, it's been so much more: doodles, note cards and other projects with our family pets as central inspiration.

Shared art is like sharing walks and the fact that one often leads to another must not be a surprise.
When I see a piece of art, I can often, additionally, remember a walk that led to it and tie it to an event. Work on this theme is so abundant that I change it often. Also, since it's like a journey, pieces that the kids drew when they were 3 work will with paintings they've created now. In fact, I think the juxtaposition invokes conversation and adds to the beauty of this wall.

I'll let you read more about it in Momazine and I think it's a conversation to return to. I realised that there are many techniques that we've used that could be for for you, too. What about you? Is there something that you collect as a family? Is a pet gallery an idea for you?  I'd love to hear from you. 

Willowday Wishes!

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  1. You've remade so beautiful pictures, exactly the right moment awaited by then to catch the moment. The magazine can not be ordered, unfortunately, would like to see it but right now online.
    Sunny greetings

    1. Oh, thank you so much! This is an ongoing project that we really enjoy. I hope I've linked it correctly! I think that you can also order an online version of the magazine. Ive had a sneak preview and there are so many beautiful photos.

  2. I know miss F would love a pet gallery - or even more a pet of her own! I love your gallery and the fact that everyone has contributed. We don't collect anything as a family - yet - but we might need to start a collection of our own!

    1. What a highlight to hear from you. Thank you so much! When you do start this collection, I'm sure it will be exciting! I'll stay tuned and thank you so much for stopping by!


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