Saturday, February 13, 2016

5 Easy Valentines for Anyone

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend.  Here are 5 super, simple, little Valentine's ideas that you can make to fit everyone.  Why five? All 5 because these were put together this morning and you can, too. I think that something made with heart can fit all sizes and hope that you'll find a little inspiration to add the little extra to your weekend, too!

1. I pick you | You need: a Flower + piece of washi tape + pen 
2. You Rock : (Rock + notecard)
If you'd like to make one like the one above: You'll also need a photo, hole punch, cord, too.  
Use a rock found or a rock painted. 

(These are a card that's a part of a larger gift that will include rocks collected in the location of the photo and chalk markers for a cool rock painting project but, you could also paint the rocks on your own. ) 

3. You are the Apple of my Eye. (You'll need: an apple | paper strip / marker)
4. Nuts about you: Nuts, glass jar, sticker and mark
5. Give a personalized Bouquet: How to make Hand lettered Floral Arrangements (here)

Bonus for kids:
As a little bonus idea for kids: Cutting, drawing and painting classic hearts and turning these into characters is such a great activity and make great cards. 
5. Make Heart Characters. Make Paper Heart Characters

 If you use these tutorials, I'd love to see what you do, too!  Although I have packages of love waiting for my family tomorrow, isn't it lovely, too, to spread more "like" out in the world, too! Willowday Wishes!

Valentine Inspiration (click here)

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  1. Love the hand lettered paper for the floral bouquet. What a great way to personalize flowers!

    1. That makes my day, Jennifer! I hope you use this, too. It's my absolute favorite way to arrive with flowers. Thank you so much for taking the time to share.

  2. What a great idea !!! Next year I will try to your ideas times.
    Happy Valentinesday

    1. Thank you so much! Happy Valentine's Day wishes


Thank you!