Friday, January 22, 2016

Happy Friday

Happy Weekend! We've had a a big surprise in our house this week. We have a new puppy! Henry's not quite sure what to make of her because she is not as shy as she appears in these photos! Today, I'm gathering  up a few things I've found this week...

This and That:

Starting with a little puppy love:

- 2 great cafes that welcome dogs: Gateau in Sturegallerian ,
Mellqvist Cafe och Bar in addition to one of my all time favorites: Saturnas 

- Yes, new dog doodles, coming up (We'd love to see yours, too)

- I had already planned to share updates and now, we not only have to take new photos but, add some new artwork of our new puppy: Pet Gallery but, now, we need new Puppy Art (here) 

- I'd like these for Henry and our new puppy: Glowing Balls Glowing Frisbee

- (And, I can't leave Henry out: here he is earlier, modelling a 5 point snow flake. Have you made one before: here) 

- Are you ready to start with Valentine's Day decorating (like this)

- Oh, I love these cards so much, I wish that I could make them again and again (here.)

Around town:

I'm so happy to discover this wonderful new cafe: kaffeverket  and (here) I can't return quick enough or get the color of their walls out of my mind. 

- Ski 2 hours from town: Romme (here)

- My favourite children's Picture book for this weather: Click here

Yoga and Wellness Retreats (I'm dreaming!)
- I'm sure you've seen this before, but, just in case: Here

Chalk Art from Alt Summit  (last year)
Valentine's Inspiration (click here)

52 Handmade Willowday Projects from 2014 (Click here)

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  1. ohhh Henry's cute enough to eat. I hope he does not care too much about nonsense.
    best regards

    1. Thank you so much for your kinds comments. Henry's so sweet and gentle, a strong new lady in the house has his head spinning but, we see it all evening out! Happy Friday!


Thank you!