Sunday, January 17, 2016

20 + Winter Projects

Well, hi there! Happy Weekend! Many people ask me how do you survive Swedish Winter?  
My answer can come as a surprise because it's to go outside and the second part to this answer is also that I can't imagine a winter without Ice lanterns or Ice Hangings by our door.

However, this can be easier said than done, when on top of snow and ice, our days are impossibly short.

(If you're not convinced, take out a globe, find Stockholm and give it a whirl. It's us and "Hello, Anchorage.")   Just today, my husband and I high-fived one another when we discovered that we finally have one more hour of sun light than we did a month ago. We really feel it. We're now up to a dusky 6 hours per day of daylight. It is truly a appreciation for the small things that is key and this is why I decided to gather these winter projects in one place to with you.

Choose from 20 + ways to brighten and lighten the winter. 

But, although this might sound like something fierce, snowy winters are meant for natural embellishments and this season is active; not a hibernation.

All weekend, our neighbourhood had whirling sleds, skis, ice skaters filled the nearby lake and sea (Including, 3 Father's, on the ice, pushing baby buggies, while skating.) Scandinavain's re-define hearty.  And, all weekend, we've gathered foliage and we walked to and fro. We could leave these projects outside to freeze in our sleep and it was really exciting to see the results in the mornings. We  made a number of Ice projects that make coming home feel magical.

I hope that if I put these here in one place for you that you, too, can find a way to create Winter Magic at home, too! 

Let's go:
20 + Winter Projects
These are tried and true.
We love these and hope you will, too.

1. Ice Lanterns (click here) and Ice Sculptures

2. Ice Art Valentine's Day (click here)

3. Ice Treasure (click here) Hunt

Easiest Valentine's Day Ice (click here)
4 Colorful Ice Hanging for "Big" (Big + small series for designmom: Colorful Ice Hangings)
5. Colorful Ice Hanging for "Small" (Big + small series for designmom: Colorful Ice Hangings)

6. Snow Writing

7. Ice Art: Sand Bucket Ice Lanterns

8. Mardi Gras Ice Art or Lanterns

11. Ice Cups

12. DIY Ice Cube Garland share at Handmade Charlotte

13. Painted Ice Lanterns Shared at Handmade Charlotte

14. Curate Your Own Ice Gallery Shared at Handmade Charlotte

15. Swedish Snowball Lanterns Shared at The Artful Parent

16. DIY Ice Skate Pompoms

17. Winter Picnics

18 Indoor S'mores

19. Snow Flake Lions

DIY Snowman and Ballerina Snowman Balloons

19. Cut + Fold Paper Snowmen

20. Make Snowflake Placecards or Doodle Snowflakes

21. Ice Skate Party

20. Meringue Snowmen

21. Snowman Printable

22. How to make a 5 Point Snowflake

23. Snowflake Gift Wrap

24. DIY: Marshmallow Prints. Make Snowflake Prints which can be seen here as wrapping paper.

25. DIY Snowflake Staw Toppers

26 Twig Stars
27 Make Snowflake Placecards

Willowday PINTEREST Board: Winter Projects
Just click (here) for more Winter Projects on Willowday PINTEREST Board.
I'm going to continue to add to this board and if you have an Ice or Winter project, please let me know! I'd love to make an awesome board and I'd love to see your work or how you use any of our tutorials. You can send me a mail or share it with a tag with me on Facebook  or tag me on Instagram!  I hope today's projects get you started and that you have fun!

Wishes for a weekend that is filled with magic and all of the good that comes with the start of a New Year!  I look forward to meeting you back here this week!

Willowday Wishes

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  1. Thank you for sharing this great insight into your daily routine.
    best regards

    1. Antje, Do you ever have temperatures that could keep the cool like this? Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! Warm Wishes from chilly Sweden! Gina

    2. In Germany it´s not quite as cold as in Sweden, once had the good fortune to be able to accommodate one week in Norway in winter.
      It was very interesting to see the gloomy day.
      Greetings from the hot Germany

    3. It puts a smile on my face to think of Germany, in the winter, as hot! :-) but, we remain very chilly (keeping all of these pieces looking very fresh!) Greetings from Sweden.


Thank you!