Thursday, December 3, 2015

Swedish Christmas Workshop at Skansen

Last night the blustery weather faded into the background after a night filled with gold.  I joined a group in a private, after-hour, cobble stone street excursion, of the 18th Century houses in the Swedish Museum Skansen and made the above Christmas Ornaments. 


We warmed the night with real gold by gilding with gold-leaf, creating with golden threads, papers and wax and moved throughout the streets and houses following the golden lead of our group leader's candle and interesting stories.

The class was loaded with information  (here for more information) but, since we could actively walk into period buildings and then, follow up with projects to create with our hands, the time flew.

 If you're not familiar with Skansen, it's the world's first open-air museum, founded in 1891; located in a beautiful part of the city and one of the top places to take tourists.  Here you can stroll through five centuries of Swedish history, from north to south, with a real sense of the past all around in the histori­cal buildings and dwellings,  with people dressed as characters in period dress. 

We visited a country manor, lit only with candle light,  as well as a home in the city and learned about the tradition of trees coming to Sweden in the late 18th Century from Germany. I mention "trees" because no one is certain if the first Christmas trees were actually pines but, pines were definitely used and what we're familiar with today. The rooms that we visited were staged for Christmas; both with different versions of period trees, foods and decor.

Christmas trees were sometimes table top sized, others room sized and paired in sets outside.  I learned that it was the fashion in that period to have things in sets: so double trees were popular. 
In our class, we made Gold-gilded Walnuts, Cotton Angels (carded wool was also popular at the time) and a paper project. In addition to these classic-period items, live candles, apples and dried fruit garlands were all Christmas Tree decorations. 

Golden wishes to today!

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