Friday, December 4, 2015

Paper Pompoms, Swedish Holidays and work with ICA

Happy Friday, friends.  I have a confession to make:  Our Christmas this year started in August. (Yes, I think our kids have a very fun life and idea of normal.)

The above image of  Wrapping Paper Pompoms, is part a holiday project that I've had such a hard time keeping this a secret all Fall; but, it's now December; every thing's rolling on this project and I'm
so happy to share.  I've been working as a creative consultant to ICA; which is Sweden's largest grocery retailer on a Christmas Campaign.  This work is both in-store; as well as, on-line where you can find Christmas DIY Projects, Table settings, Hacks and films.  (here: in Swedish) 

If you don't speak Swedish, I hope you might just enjoy the glimpse of the holidays in another area of the world.  My wish is that when you arrive at willowday, it can be like a "free ticket to travel." Meeting you, talking with you and sharing makes  the world a little smaller and through this: a little bigger.  Click here to continue to ICA's site  with DIY, table settings and films. 

I love collaborations and now the chance to wear the hat as creative Ambassador from our house in Sweden to yours in another area of the world. 

I shared how we turn left over wrapping paper into Paper Pompom, last year, on Christmas Day. If you'd like to see that step-by-step post, please following along here. Last year, we turned those pompoms into New Years Day Hats! Throughout the year, we make a continuous supply and I love pulling these out as embellishments. I hope you enjoy this, too.

If you use use tutorial, I love hearing from you, seeing it on Facebook or  InstagramUse the tag: #willowdayprojects. I makes me very happy to see and share your work. 

Willowday Wishes

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Something you might like for Christmas:
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Cut and Fold Snowman
Paper Ornaments
Reindeer Packages
52 Handmade Willowday Projects  (click here)

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