Sunday, December 13, 2015


Happy Lucia from our house to your own.

With Lucia falling on a Sunday, this year, many schools and choirs began concerts already on
Thursday.  Little Lucias seem to pop up everywhere: showing up at supermarkets, crossing cross walks and in buggies: Lucia, Star Boys, Elves and Gingerbread boys. This holiday is such a pretty one, filled with music, the saffron buns and costumes. It's a holiday that you can see sits in the heart of everyone.  Whether it's celebrated at home, in schools and with many big concerts in town or by simply baking the Saffron buns, it's been a weekend full of Lucia love.

If you'd like to learn more about this Swedish tradition and make Lucia Buns and Lucia Crowns with us, click here.

This week, we had DAY 7 and shared Cookie Cutter Candles Sticks (click here)
More about this 24 Creatives Day (click here)
Are following with The Swedish Creative Collective's 24 Creative Days?

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