Monday, December 21, 2015

DIY Personalized Holiday Cards and and Gift Tags | DIY PHOTO CARDS

Happy Holidays Friends!
Before our sled takes off, I wanted to share a few last card and gift wrapping ideas from our house to your own. Take a favorite family ( --- or pet --- photos, like we've done)  and add holidays cheer. These are so much fun. 

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Embellish Gift Wraps with these Gift Tags. If you use heavy, matt, photos, these can be hung on a tree as Christmas Ornaments, too. 

Let's get started:

Take a photo.

These work the best, you can shoot against a white background. This is the first year that we've used Henry, our pup, but, have created these several years with head shots of the kids. I'm sure that you already have a vision in mind, but, you can take full body shots, as well as head shots. 


- Photos 
- Red Card Stock
- Craft Paper Card Stock
-Hole Punch
- Pompoms
-Washi Tape

Step 1: Trim photo
Step Two: Embellish as you'd like.
(left: Swedish "Tomte Nisse-stye" with nose cut out to fit over beard and over-sized red hat that covers the eyes. For Rudolf: Add red-nose and craft paper antlers)

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  1. So sweet!
    And again such a great idea.
    Merry Christmas and best wishes

    1. Oh, you make my day! Merry wishes to you in the coming weeks and wishes for starting the New Year on a beautiful note. It's such a highlight to meet you and thank you for taking the time to comment. Warmest/g


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