Thursday, December 17, 2015

3D Paper Stars

Hi. Welcome to Day 17 of the The Creative Collective‘s 24 Creative Days.  I'm so excited to get this project into your hands. It's a simple, multiple use paper project that is for both young and "vintage" creators.  We think these can be both super sweet or elegant depending on what you're looking for.

Template and step-by-step, below, so that you, too, can make classic paper 3D stars and our own Swedish Christmas tomte-inspired; 3D Star Girl and 3D Star Boy. 

Follow the star dust and jump....

These are both "just because" paper projects or a functional project. It's up to you.

I've set adult place settings with pre-made, glitter-dusted adult versions that guests can take home as ornaments and have set the kids table up with the 3D Star Boy and Star Girl for kids to color themselves. I've attached crayons to the printed stars and tied with ribbon so that kids can color, create and then, take an ornament home. 

The idea for these came to me when we pulled out our Christmas ornaments. Swedish Christmas Elves are dressed from top to toe in red, like these below, and realised that they'd be simple, fun, variations of the classic stars for kids. Template below. Print and go!

Let's get started:


- Star Template (3 template options below with links)
- Card Stock
- Crayons or similar
- Cutting Instrument
- Ribbon, optional
- Hole Punch, optional

STEP ONE: Print:

Template 1 | Star Girl (Click here)
Template 2 | Star Boy (Click here)
Template 3 | Plain Star (Click here)

(Template 1 | Template 2) 3D Star Girl | Star Boys should be printed on white card stock.
(Template 3) Plain 3D Star Print one Star template. This may be used repeatedly

HOW to make a PLAIN STAR:
If you make a plain star, you can simply print the template, cut out the star from  coloured card stock (embelling as you'd like. We dusted ours with glitter.)  Continue to STEP 3, fold. 

Color in the 3D Star Girl | Star Boys or add what embellishments you'd like to the plain star.

Fold free-hand or draw lines (as below) with pencil as guides that can be erased.
These fold lines all start in the center of the star and go to the points and interior dips. 

Crease or pinch all of the folds. Continue pinching and creasing the folds all of the way around the star. The tops will be high and the dips of the star will be creased the opposite direction.

Summery: Print | Color | Fold | Crease | Enjoy
This was an idea that came from our house and Swedish inspiration but, I'd love to see what you do, too. Whether you make ours or if you personalise these just for you, I'm so happy to see your work and how you use these templates, too.  If you share these on Facebook or Instagram, you can tag them with #willowdayprojects or email me!
Color or embellish as you'd like. 
I hope you've been having as much fun as we have, with this year's Creative Calendar. For all links in this 24 days of creating, click here for the entire 24 Creative Day Line Up.  Willowday Wishes to you all! Happy Creating.

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  1. Helt underbara tomtar Gina! Och dina skisser är så fina! Kram

    1. That's such a kind comment, Helena. Thank you so very much!

  2. Jättefina Gina! Och vilka noggranna beskrivningar. Toppen!
    Kram Sofia

  3. Gina, your stars a adorable! I like how you incorporate a craft with you table setting. I would love to color in my own Santa star between courses!

    1. Agreed: I'm re-thinking the my original kid's table idea and thinking I need one, too --- or to slip over to their corner. Thank you!

  4. thank you! these are adorable and my granddaughter is coming over next week so these will be a perfect project for her. however, when i try to download the plain of those little children pops up instead.

    1. Hi Auntie Jenni. oh, I'm so happy about this. I wish you a wonderful time. To simplify these, I put all three images in the same document. So, the plain star is page 3. Please let me know if you have a problem because I'd be happy to mail you the star only, if this doesn't work out. I look forward to hearing from you. Best

  5. Så himla söta och roligt att kunna färglägga själv!

    1. Ruth, stor tack! Jag önskar dig en trevligt jul!


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