Friday, November 27, 2015


Leaving November with leafs and love.

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For more leaf and foliage project, click (here) for 25+ Leaf and Foliage Projects

Hi friends. One of the things I'm thankful for: you.  Thank you so much for meeting us here. I'm about to jump back into a super, charged month and can't wait to meet you all of December. 

Were you with us, last year, for our first Scandinavian Advent Calendar with "The Creative Collective?" (here) . I participated  with a wonderful group of Swedish creatives to bring 25 projects last December and we're doing this again. Come back on December first to start a creative month with myself and the group! 

Click (here) to continue to all 25 projects

Is there anything special you're looking for? I'm so looking forward to meeting you!
Warm Willowday Wishes!

52 Handmade Willowday Projects  (click here)

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