Thursday, November 12, 2015

Make Pumpkin Seed Art

We've found a new place to doodle (and it isn't on the walls!)  What to do with all of those pumpkin seeds? We've found something even more popular than roasted pumpkin seeds in our house: super simple pumpkin seed art.

Jump with us below to see how:

We've all been pulling out pens and have found a new place to doodle: on our pumpkin seeds!  I also love the idea of projects for makers to create side-by-side. While the kids got colourful and full of whimsy, I kept my own palette all metallic solids: dipped and blocked.  They're just a fun doodle to just do for the sake of doing and a fun challenge for small fingers or to create a piece of art for your walls  -- your own or as a way to hold on to the precious makings of kids. Either way, I hope you'll find a fun way to animate these seasonal seeds!
Gel Pens, dry pumpkin seeds
I don't think I need to tell you what to do. Go wild: color away!

Optional Framing:
Picture Frame, Paper Backing, Adhesive*, Marking Pencil and Erasure

(*Use permanent glue. We used the hot glue gun to make these because this dries quickly but, you need to very carefully apply the glue to the backs of the seeds and placing these on the paper. If you have more time, then a slower drying glue may be easier for you to work with.)

- With a pencil, lightly mark dots for placement of the final seeds to create art. 

- Adhere the pumpkin seed to the background paper. 

- Adjoin frame and you're ready!

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  1. How fun! They remind me of nail art--the kind kids would do, right? I still have leftover roasted pumpkin seeds that nobody is eating...

    1. Oh, what fun! I've actually never done this. do you mean to paint the heads of nails? That's a fun idea! Thanks for much and yes, ours don't get finished either so using them for doodles was a far better idea Thanks!

  2. ohh vad en stor idé som jag måste försöka med min lilla. Det är bara något större kan även göra det själv, som säkerligen kommer att gå bra.
    Hälsningar från soliga München

    1. Oh, so much fun to hear from you! (Thank you google translate!) I hope that you have the chance to try these! I'd love to see what you do! I would so love what you do!


Thank you!