Friday, October 16, 2015

Halloween Projects: Fruit and Veggie-o-lanterns

(and veggie-lanterns, too!)

Happy Friday! Happy October! Wishing you all a whole lot of happy.
(Don't you agree:  if you can't find it, make it!)

Jump below and I'll share these two healthy Halloween treats that have brightened our house this week.  We'd love them to do the same for you!

Halloween Treat 1:

Make Veggie-a-lanterns!

You don't need me to tell you what to do. I'm just saying that there's room in town for more than the pumpkin. 

- As the month is flying along, I'm seeing that we're really short on time and short on pumpkins.
Without a pumpkin to carve, I realised just how attractive our dinner ingredients looked this week and also, remembered an "edible pen" that I had stored away for a rainy day (and lots of paper masks due to a current project.)

- We applied a few faces and now, have the happiest of kitchen (and a dinner that went astray! But, I though a new menu was well worth it.)   Several of these fellows are how happily dressing our kitchen.

- I'd love to see if you give this a whirl, too!

Halloween Treat 2:
Bats on Sticks or Franken-apple
You already have these ingredients at home!

- Sticks (I think kids think everything on a stick tastes better!) 
- Apples
- Double-sided tape

To make the Bat-Apple:
- Place apple on stick
- Cut two wings
- Cut two ears
-Fold a little flap and tape these to your apples

To make a Franken-Apple:
- Place apple on stick
- Draw face.

(If you don't have this pen, you really could cut all of these pieces out from black paper and use double-sided tape in a pinch.)
Waiting for the weekend and "goodies" doesn't mean weekdays can't be good.
From our house to yours: Happy Happy weekend!

We're wrapping up some fun stuff to share with you for Halloween and can't wait to meet you back here next week.

If you do make or are inspired by any of these idea, please share them with us! 
We love to see what you do! If you share them on Facebook, I'd be so happy if you tagged me  and if you do on Instagram, use the #willowdaygram tag! 

It would make my day to see these around in the world and to also see how you're inspired. 
Until we meet again, we send you willowday wishes!

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  1. These ideas are so precious... I love them! I would like to try the apple/bat one for our Halloween party ;)

    1. You make my day! Thank you so much much. I think both that week days can have special elements and that these, too, are perfect for a party. There are so many sugary options that I love the chance to add pizzaz to plain apples. Thank you again!


Thank you!