Friday, October 30, 2015

Bone Candy Favors

Are you looking for a super fun and easy way to make Halloween candy even better?

Made in a snap, these Bone Candy Favors  add fun to parties or serve up a "bag 'o bones" for trick or treating?

Let's get started. This is what you'll need:

Heavy Card stock, treats, kitchen paper towel dowel, scissors, white duct tape. 

It's time to assemble: this is what you'll do:
To Make:

1. Cover the kitchen paper towel dowel with the white duct tape.
(note: if you don't have white duct tape, you can adhere white paper to the kitchen paper towel dowel.)

2. Cut Paper "bone" ends, like this:

3. Fill with treats.
4. Slide the "bones" into the ends to hold your treasures inside.
(Note: If you have small ideas, just wrap them in tissue paper and then, insert to keep these goodies in place and to stop sliding.) 
Happy "Halloween Eve!" 

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