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Leap into the school year with inspired Backpacks and Desktops

25 + Back-to-school DIY projects and inspiration! 
Don't you just love supplies? Creating personalised, original school supplies is as close as we can be to "hopping in a pocket" and tagging along for the day.

Whether you're looking for a rainy day project or for a special way to show your kids much you care, come along with us: let's create together, side-by-side, or for the kids and make this one, wonderful year!


I can't wait to start sharing with you and to see what you do with these!
Let's go.


1. Pencase with Recycled Jeans
I love up cycling the kids clothes and sent our daughter off on her first week away from home with this pen case made from her baby jeans! 

A super recycle project that's pretty too!

These are amazingly easy, full of possibility and a wonderfully functional project!

3. DIY Personalized Containers: 

This is one for big and small: We love each and every time. We've made them as gifts and have them on our desks. 
5. Make a IPHONE Stand (it's a recycled project and most used!)

6.  Washi Tape Locks: Make a lock that stands out in the hall.

7. Bulldog Bookmarks
These are a fun way to keep the kids interested in reading and on the right page!
8. DIY Collectible Card Pencase and ID:
Oh, this is such a fun project! These started as Baseball Card Pencases for a Baseball birthday. They were such a hit that I started making them for presents and eventually moved through all of the collectible cards we have! All of the kids have their own version of 1. Pen Case with 2. Matching ID Tag.
Personalize work space with magnets in your favorite colours.
Take plain plastic magnetic letters and color, as you wish: any color of the rainbow.

WRITE, right | Pencils

I think pencils are such a wonderful place to begin creating school supplies if you're not sure where to start. There are so ways your creativity can take you.
Here are two of my favorites:

AN "APPLE" FOR TEACHER (+ your little apple, too)
12. Apple Sachets 

13. Pocket Gift Wrap with Gift.

This is in all time favorite gift and way to present this gift to a teacher. Pull out the writing paper and let's go:
- Wrap up a journal and include a pen in the Apple Card
- Wrap up a book and make a little bookmark for the outer pocket.

This is my, hands down, favorite gift wrap.

14. Apple Necklaces:
Apples for your little "Apple."

15. These are super, simple and easy way to give an Apple to the teacher!  Simplicity at it's functional best! Paper Cup Apple Wrappings (click here)
16. Teacher Cards: Handprint Cards for Teacher: Male | 17. Female


18. Easy Pocket Necklaces
I love, love, love these: soft, functional necklaces with a secret pouch for a small notebook. We've made and given these again time and time again.

19. Pompom Finger Knit Belt
A project that includes both Finger Knitting and Pompoms?  Isn't this what childhood's are made of?

20. T W E N T Y  --- 20 ---- more Simple Wearable Handmade Projects from willowday (click here)

MORE creatives:
From creatives of the world: Something else I think you'd might like:

21. Make a Telephone number bracelet (from Pysselbolaget | click here)
22. Make your own Duct Tape Pencil Holder (from mermag | click here |)
23. Make a Bracelet with Eraser Beads (seen in top photo) | click here)
24. Batik Lunch Napkins | Craftwack | click here)
25. Things money can't buy: art bar (click here)
26. Sushi Crayon Rolls (Handmade Charlotte | click for link)
27. DIY Mirror + Bulletin Board (from flax and twine | click here) 
28. Locker Printables (from smallfull | click here)
29. Recycled Cereal Box Backpack (...for that younger sibling who's still at home!)

30. Paper Bag Doggie Lunch Bags
great treats: 
DIY Veggie Jenga (click here)  | FRUIT ROLL UPS (click here)  | Veggie Wheels (click here)

As always, I love to hear from you and I hope that this will spark ideas and imagination for creating creative connection in your house. Willowday Wishes!

If you post any projects that you've made with our tutorials, I'd give 3 cheers to see them!
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Back to school Celebrations:

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What time will my child wake up?

52 Handmade Willowday Projects 
from 2014 

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  1. Thanks for including us in your marvelous round-up! The Card Pen case is one of my all-time Willowday faves!!!

    1. Ana, it's so wonderful to hear from you! These erase beads are on my all top fave list, too! Thank you so much for letting me share these here today and thank you so much for taking the time to comment! Big thanks!


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