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Halloween Round Up

Hi friends!

Are you starting to enjoy the changing seasons or getting into the school year groove?  October's sneaking up on me, like a "BOO!" Do you feel this, too?  Out of this surprise, came something I'm excited about: a round of over twenty Halloween Willowday Projects! I couldn't hardly believe my
eyes! Many of these projects are here to stay, in our home and for parties: but,  we have a lot more willowday fun to come, as well.  Happy Making!

25 Willowday simple and fun projects
Pop with us below!
(above: Halloween Pompom Pop-ups: Bats and Jack-o-lanterns)

Here's a quick guide with links to each of the following project below. For larger photos and descriptions, continue in post.

Halloween TREATS:

Cotton Candy Ghosts:  
Make Cotton Candy Ghosts! These are ghoulishly sweet on their own or use them as cupcake toppers.

Make Skeleton Hand Treats (no-sugar snacks!)
These are such a fun Halloween treat to make because they're both creepy and (shh: sugar free!)

Googly-Eyed Ice Box Cookies
Classic, simple, cookies made modern for Halloween fun + yum!
Jack-o-lantern Flatbread
I love having Halloween items throughout the month. These are great for every day, as well as parties. Plus, aren't you, too; always on the look out for non-sugar additions to tables? 
Candy Corn Ice Cream Sandwiches
We love I C E C R E A M and bringing these together with Halloween was an idea of passion --- and,  of my heart. We don't have "candy corns" in Sweden so I had to come up with another way to infuse my children's Halloween with a little hats off to Mommy's traditions.

Lollipop Ghosts
Re-think these classics. These are such a fun group or home project!

Orange-a-lantern: Healthy Halloween Snacks and fun.


Bat Garland:
Simple wins! Print and cut out Bat Garland!
Hand Painted Paper Goods
Custom design your very own party wear! 
Easiest Halloween Countdown
I thought this up when my littlest was in bed with a bad cold and I wanted to cheer him up, fill the house with expectation and fun. These are now annual and love to see these spread! Check out this post to see how you can make a no-mess Jack-o-lantern that's also a count down! 

Printable Bat Lanterns
Printable Bat Lanterns that you can double as treat containers and decorations, too!

Ghost Straw Toppers
Make a party in 1, 2, 3. One of the easiest ways to transform a setting and really fun.

Handprint Ghost Cards
Can we have enough of our children's hands? I loved these because I realised we could have both hands and a playful way to create "transparent ghosts." These are super cards to make at home and in groups!

Halloween Ghost Balloon Cards
Don't you love gifts with something extra? These Ghost Cards can then, later, be  Ghost Balloons!
Paper Pumpkin Box Printables

Halloween Haunted Forest Printable
Use this printable and tutorial to make a fun, Halloween, projects!

Make a Jack-o-lantern with Fall Foliage
No mess Jack-o-lanterns. Don't you live the challenge of creating with foliage? Not only does the use of natural find ensure a harmonius blend of color but, they're so wonderful to make after a nature walk.

Pumpkin Light Necklaces
These are SUCH fun! Make your very own, personalised, Jack-o-lantern Lights! A fun addition to Trick-or-treating.

Leaf Faces + Leaf Trail

Henry in costume: Make Dog Costumes with Felt
As an extra little bonus, here's a look into some Halloween happenings in Stockholm:
Gamla Stan by Night (Ghost Tour) + Rosendalsträgård

I hope you're having a wonderful month and have perused willowday to find some of our creative, family footprints and then, can run away, inspired, to make these your own --- or travel with us to Sweden (no need for a ticket!)

Your emails, comments here and on Instagram and Facebook make my day and give me thoughts where we can go together.  If there is something that you're looking for, please let me know.  I also love to see what you do with willowday tutorials and inspiration on Facebook or Instagram. Hashtag your willowday projects on Instagram with #willowdayproject. 

Summer and external projects (that have been really exciting to me + I'll share more about this later this Fall) have temporarily slowed up my pace here. Moving into October is really exciting and a bridge back to joining you here again! 3 Cheers! 

As always, willowday wishes for everyday joy, beauty and inspiration!

52 Handmade Willowday Projects from 2014 
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Would you like to add simple, everyday, creativity to your family -- or travel with us to Sweden --- just sign up here and never miss a post.
Would you like to add simple, everyday, creativity to your family -- or travel with us to Sweden --- just sign up here and never miss a post.


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