Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DIY Flower Vase Toppers for Cakes

Hi friends and thank you, September. 
(Yes, there's just something about this month.) 

We've had such amazing flowers in September (like these | these) that I wanted to send the month of September off in a fitting style  --- and to spread this to you! I hope you'll love and use this little trick that brings flowers from the outdoors and onto your tables!

(It's almost like having mini vases for you cupcakes! Almost; just long enough.)

Jump with us below...

Use this SUPER simple little trick to make (almost) "vases" to top your desserts so that you can do this, too.  With this technique, the flowers stand up perfectly and don't touch your baked goods. Everyday splendour or wild foraged beauty to a party. I'm so attracted to things opposite. Are you, too?

If you don't have flowers, make paper flowers? (I've shared a few paper ideas that we've used below.)
Now, don't you want to make these, too? Who can resist the beauty of nature. Not, me.

Come with me below and I'll share how you can do this too.

- Paper Straws (I prefer paper but, classics would work, too)

- Cutting utensil: scissors

- Fresh Flower or Paper Flowers, like some ideas below.

- Cupcakes or Cake
(I pre-marked the center spot on this cupcake for you to target easily!)

1. Cut straws to correct length of flowers.

To do like we did, I cut each straw approximately 4 inches for for a 9 inch cut.

2. Press straw into the cupcake so that the straw stands straight.

3. Place the stem of the flower into the straw (like a vase.)

4. Serve!

Whether it's for a party or everyday, I hope that this little trick brings something special to you. As always, I love to see what you do with our tutorials. If you use this trick, I'd love to see. Use the hashtag #willowdayprojects if you share on Facebook or Instagram.

Looking forward to meeting you again soon. Willowday Wishes!

Click here to see these as Cake Toppers | here

Willowday Wishes!

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Would you like to add simple, everyday, creativity to your family -- or travel with us to Sweden --- just sign up here and never miss a post.


  1. Unbelievably gorgeous Gina!!! your styling, your photography, your typography, and just...the idea. you are sensational!!

    1. Oh, Bar: you have no idea what this sunshine note does for my day! Thank you so so much -- coming from you, this is truly a compliment I take to heart. Thank you, friend.


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