Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dear September and Roald Dahl

Dear September. 

Has a month ever felt "letter-worthy" to you? 

At various moments in life, September, has come unexpectedly into center stage.  I once had a classmate who's first name was, September ...

Her name intrigued me --- profoundly ---  but, from afar.  I didn't know where to categorise it in my mind and never discovered her naming origin; but, every time she raised her hand in class, my imagination was sparked. 

As a Mom, I, now, feel that the month, September, is more like the New Year, than... January.  Do you feel that, too? With the turn of the page, our weather's changed dramatically, the kids are in school and I'm thinking of a letter that I once wrote September and a favorite image, of a favorite day that felt like the perfect way to share Roald Dahls beautiful words with my kids and you, too. They fit the day, the month and the world so beautifully.

I hope you enjoy it, too!

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”

 --- Roald Dahl.

It's wonderful to be back after the summer. Happy September. Wishing you glittering eyes in the world around you! Willowday Wishes! 

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  1. That Roald Dahl quote is one of my favourites of all time - I just love it. Your beautiful summer pictures have me craving some warmer weather here in New Zealand!!

    1. Oh, I'm so happy to hear this. He was a master at living his words and I love it, too! You make me so curious about your beautiful area of the world! I dream of traveling there one day.

  2. How fortuitous that I stumbled across this post today, on Roald Dahl Day!
    He had such a way with words!
    Here is Australia, the school year begins in February- so kind of in line with the New Year. I would find it such an interesting experience to start school towards the end of the year!

    1. Dear Shannon, Thank you so much for your comment. Oh, the idea of the school year beginning in February is a thought I'll wrap my head around today. It seems ideal in this sense! I'm endlessly fascinated with your area of the world .

    2. and love that Roald Dahl connected us: such a creative man!


Thank you!