Friday, September 4, 2015

A few things | Treats We Eat (Baked + Raw)

Happy Weekend! Oodles to share with you today. If you're in the US, Happy Holidays.
Here in Sweden, we have the beautiful golden sun.

Moving into September , I was so surprised this past week, as I picked flowers, to find a scattering of colourful, fallen Fall Leaves, too. (But, I'm keeping rainbows in our house as long as I can | see here!)
Who can resist creating with flowers and colourful leaves? Not me.

For me, the key to happy living is ying + yang living. Today's share is very much in that spirit: something baked and then, a raw food recipe. Plus, ways to add even more play, creativity and art! Follow us below.

Pumpkin Muffin Recipe | click here |
You'll find the recipe with the link, along with 5 variations we make using it.

I love bringing in the outdoors and will include the link for how-to make Leaves as Cake Toppers, too.  (These are the perfect little trick to make it look like you've worked hard on preparations, while, instead, you've been out catching the last rays of summer: click here) 


The second recipe: TREATS WE EAT, RAW was from a newly released cookbook from Renee Voltaire's. Click here to see more and here is the tranlatation for one of the recipes she's shared to give a sample of what you can expect:

Chia Chunks | Power Snacks

12 Medjool Dates, with pits removed1 1/2 dl Raw Cocao
1 dl Sunflower seeds
3/4 dl Chia seeds
1/2 Peanut butter
1/2 dl Cocoa Butter, melted in a water bath
2 T Carob 
2 T Coffee, cooled (espresso or brewed)
2 Pinch Salt
1 Pinch Vanilla Powder
1/2 dl Peanut Butter

Combine all ingredients except peanuts and blend in food processor.
Mix in peanuts and press into a baking pan; cover with plastic wrap. 
Let stand and cut.
*Our youngest and I had a lot of fun making these after school, one night this week. I find simple recipes like these to be such a fun simple after school project to share together. 

In addition to traditional slivers, we pressed these into our madeliene pan and then, also rolled the dough out to cut out letters.

And, there are a few things: 

30 +  Leaf and Nature Willowday Projects

Favorite "RAW:" Bananas for bananas! (you have to click here)

This arm knitting pattern for a faux sheep fur from Flax and Twine has me worried I won't want to stop with projects from this new Fingerknitting book.

Iris Apel, the movie! Rent, buy or stream but by all means, I would like to track this down!

Chocolate Chips, for Breakfast, anyone? (gluten free) They're on my list to try this weekend.

Giant Bead Necklaces: Look like a fun weekend project with littles

Mouse Masks : Starting to think about Halloween?

I confess, I am (here)

52 Handmade Willowday Projects from 2014 
(Come join us for the year in review)

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  1. I love the leaf toppers on this project. You could do it for every season, like cardstock suns and snowflakes. I would also wrap these muffins in some kraft-colored paper to add some extra detail to it. I love how this project did it: Harvest Affaire Wrapped Pumpkin Muffins

    1. Thank you so much! I love it that it's already inspiring to make it your own! I'd love to see what you do.


Thank you!