Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Surprise desserts in the shape of a cupcake

"Burger, Burger, come and get your hamburgers, here!" 
Ready for some yummy fun? Today, we're sharing Sweet treats: Hamburger Cupcakes."  

These Hamburger Cupcakes made their way into our house "via the boys" but, now, but we've cooked the idea to make Dad a "triple decker" treat. We're planning to add this to our "Papa Picnic" this coming week.  Is it Father's Day near you?

These Hamburger Cupcakes were much easier to make than I ever imagined and they look so much like the real thing, it's  astounding.
Jump with us below and we'll fill your basket with what we know!

(PS: Hint: Looking for something creative with big kids? These are a really, really, fun and creative project for baking kids to make! Yes, if you, too, have someone in your house who might like the idea of baking a cookie as big as their head, these are definitely for you!

This is what you'll need for 36 Cupcakes*

36 Yellow Cake Cupcakes (recipe here)
1 Batch of brownies (recipe here)
2 Cups or Marzipan or Fondant
Food colouring
Icing for piping

Plastic Wrap
Rolling Pin
Icing Bag with finest piping tip

Sesame Seeds (optional: use real sesame seed or pipe teeny seeds, if you have the patience!)

(Note: We made 36 Mini Cupcakes for this recipe and this tutorial is based on this. I really like the smaller size and since these are stacked high, I prefer the mini slider size but, if you'd like a whopper, these work well, too large.)

How to Build a Hamburger Cupcake 

1. Slice top off of the cupcake

2. Tint marzipan or fondant.
 - Tint 1/2 of the marzipan salad green
 - Tint 1/2 of the marzipan light orange

3. Tint icing ketchup red

4. Roll GREEN (salad) marzipan or fondant between two pieces of plastic wrap.
- Roll this as thin as possible.

5. Once the green has been rolled, wrinkle the plastic wrap a little to create small creases on the fondant/marzipan to simulate a lettuce look.

6. Place on flat surface in refrigerator until ready to assemble.

Repeat this with the orange to create the cheese layer except keep this smooth and without creases and place on flat surface in refrigerator when complete.

7. Using circular cookie cutter that are just about the size or slightly larger than the diameter of the cupcakes cut brownies into circles.

8. When brownies have been cut into circles, use your clean, washed, hands to  press and mold these along their edges to look like hamburgers.

9. Remove the marzipan or fondant from the refrigerator.
- Cut orange into square cheese slices
- Cut salad into circular or ripped fan shapes for the lettuces.

10. It's assembly time!

- Place the cupcake bottom down first.
- Dap a little icing onto this and place the "Brownie Hamburger" into place.
- Pipe red Ketchup onto the burger with attention to the center so that it can hold the cheese.
- Place marzipan or fondant CHEESE layer on top of the Brownie.
- Dap a little icing on top of the CHEESE.
- Place the marzipan or fondant SALAD on top of the CHEESE.
- Dap a little icing on top of the SALAD.
- Top with CUPCAKE TOP.
- Optional: Sprinkle Sesame Seeds on top or pipe icing to look like seeds.

We hope you have fun making these! Several years ago, my baking genius friend Janet told me that these would be a hit in her household when her son was just about the age of our oldest and passed this on to me, There are so many variations you can make with these. I hope that you enjoy this recipe or that you make these our own. I'd love to see. It took our house some time to get there and now, she was so right!

Since we live in Sweden, I can pick up marzipan at my local grocery store but, know that you can easily substitute fondant for this if this is easier for you or if you'd prefer.

I've included two essential recipes 1. Yellow Cake 2. Batch of brownies so that you could have everything you needed within reach: however, if you have a perfect yellow cake recipe or brownie, use those!

Happy Making! Are you ready for Father's Day? I love to hear from you when you use our tutorials and recipes. If these don't put a stunned smile on someones face, I'd be surprised. Willowday wishes and we look forward to meeting you again this week for more.

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  1. This is genius, thankyou! We're in England and are planning to go to a local stately home where they will have a falconry display on this weekend. These hamburger cakes will be perfect for our picnic :D

    1. Katie, thank you so much for your note! I love all of this imagery and would look to see this! Enjoy!

  2. This is genius, thankyou! We're in England and are planning to go to a local stately home where they will have a falconry display on this weekend. These hamburger cakes will be perfect for our picnic :D

    1. Katie, thank you so much for this comment! I hope that you had the chance to make these and your comments made my day! Falconry? That's just an amazing image! I hope these fit in splendidly!

  3. I can't believe this! This is so cool!

    1. Ana! Thank you so much. These are crazy similar to the real deal and were such a kid hit! Thanks so much for commenting!

  4. How brilliant! This would be good prank for April Fool's Day!

    Juju Sprinkles

    1. That's a brilliant idea! Thanks so much for your comment!


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