Thursday, June 18, 2015

Inspiration for Swedish Midsummer

It's the Swedish holiday, Midsummer,  tomorrow. Whether or not, it's your holiday, isn't is a great excuse to make something pretty and flowery?  

Make Flower Crowns (and more)  We're super excited for the day and I've done a little Swedish Midsummer Inspiration board for you with glimpses into they day, DIY for the holiday and recipes.


We have family visiting so I'm really brewing up ideas for tomorrow (In fact, we've already started.)

My nieces are already preparing white dresses and know that they'll have flower projects, strawberries to pick and most likely ... a rainy picnic. But, yes, even if the weather forecast predicts rain, we'll follow local tradition which says: dress the midsummer picnic table, run inside quickly with everything from our midsummer picnic table: repeat, indefinitely and according to legend: the next day Summer will begin! We're crossing fingers. 
All of the above photos and projects are here 
I've had fun putting together a Pinterest Board: Swedish Holidays

As always, we're so happy to meet you here! I really love sharing midsummer because it's accompanied with the midnight sun and a relaxed feeling of Summer's arrival. Along with my nieces, we're counting down the kids last few hours of school --- just one more reason to celebrate this week. If you follow us on Instagram, you night have more glimpses of the week and we look forward to meeting you right back here again soon!

Willowday wishes

All of the above photos and projects are hereI've had fun putting together a Pinterest Board: Swedish Holidays

For a quick way to move to the tutorials, I've pull out the following links for these projects:

Midsummer Arts, Crafts, DIY all seen above:
(willowday) Leaf Garland

We send you willowday midsummer wishes from everyone in my family!

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  1. Thank you for including us! Have a wonderful midsummer and summer!

    Kram Karin & Freja

    1. Wishing you the same pysselboloiage! Thank you so much for letting us share your two fantastic pronects! I think many people will enjoy these! Wishes for a wonderful summer!


Thank you!