Saturday, June 13, 2015

Happy Weekend

Hello, Sunshine Day!

I wanted to sneak in an unexpected hello this weekend. We have one week of school left but, today's weather feels like pure, summer, sunshine. We're falling into the weekend easily and wishing you the same!

With the "end of the school year" saying hello to "summer," I'm not able to meet you here on the blog, as much as I'd like to. We are sharing daily on Instagram (wilowdaygram) If you aren't on Instagram, I wanted to bring some of the week to you, too! 

Dive below with us!

On Instagram, we share lots of creative projects that I don't bring to the blog, leads to projects to come, along with little snippets of everyday life. (And lots of "just because"... aka: faces!)

The two biggest events of our past week:
- Our oldest returning from a week long school bike trip. this guy: here + here
I'm loving this weekend with "all of my chicks back in the nest" and summer feeling like it has arrived. (All weekends contain sports but, we always find time for a little family creating, like here, herehere and here) 
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Above: Picking up from Henry's  birthday party. He turned 3 this past weekend.

I'm chasing time for an illustration "day job"project and in a long about way, have included Tinker Lab's June Sketch Challenge into my morning warm up routines.

Have you ever tried one of Tinkerlabs challenges before? It's a cue word per day and you just sketch something with that word. It's for kids or adults. I've long thought this was a fun idea but, that "I don't have the time" etc. For some reason, in a month that's busier than busy, I decided that I'd give it a whirl and have been sharing some of my morning warm up sketches on Instagram.  It's a very fun way to start the day.  The sketches I'm doing are all based on Tinkerlabs cues are called: #thehenryandchipiechronicles and will unfold later this summer. I've limited myself to using the cues with this subject,  restricting myself to 3 colors and the kids crafts paper.

Cue word: Memento, I think I've shared: 

Did you catch the interview with Karin Schaefer this week and How to make Spinning Tops that are Optical illustrations? 

Check out this little video (here) of how these Spinning Tops work!

After the coldest Spring in 85 years, we're truly enjoying the sunshine and hope it's in your part of the world, too. We hope it stays for Midsummer (this coming week!), the last day's of school and for our guests: less than 24 hours to go! Y-E-A-H!

Along with my "buds" we wish you a happy and creative weekend! 

Willowday Wishes! 

PS. Is there something special you're looking for this summer? I posted this question (here) this week on Facebook. I love received emails from you about Sweden, how you've used a tutorial and many others things and I just wanted to take a moment to ask you. Comment here, on this Facebook Post or send me an email. 

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