Saturday, June 6, 2015

Flower Portraits

Can you enter the house without something beautiful from the outdoors in your  hands?  I can't. These are for anyone, anywhere, and of any age! Make Flower Portraits.

Jump with me below and I have a few things I've found this past week to share with you that you might like, too.

A few things this week:

I just have to start with a Y-E-A-H. Maybe for you, these are something for a graduate?
To me: Y-E-A-H: both boys are home again.

I didn't even know that there was a National Donut Day until yesterday (and shh: don't tell the kids).  I'm fascinated with the idea of decorating donuts like there (here) and have you seen these with a healthy twist (here) 

I ran across this article this week: What's your parenting style (here) 

In Sweden: it's the National Day whichs means blue and yellow (this is what we did: here)

Kathryn Budig + yogaglow makes me laugh out loud and saves me with her yoga classes when I'm just to busy to get to a class. She's forever changed the warrior for me and I can hardly stretch out my arms anymore with her "pshew".. you'll know what I mean, if you've taken one. 

I'm all over these: here. I have a project in mind immediately that I've been dreaming about making.

Have you ever followed a month long creativity challenge, this? I'm jumping in this month (here.) creatively! 

If you're not sure where to start with arts and crafts supplies at home, I love this (here)

If you have kids and they have toy, check this out: here

We have a birthday tomorrow and another next week, but, planning one birthday,  only makes me want to plan another.
If you're looking for an idea: make these DIY Lollipop Cardboard Lollipops and bake (Lollipop Cookies)

Looking for Father's Day Inspiration, I've started a board for inspiration: here or looking for a broad range of handmade crafts and projects for kids, this group Pinterest Board is overflowing here

In Swedish: Looking for a cool Swedish Present, here. Go Mrs. K. 

Have you tried drawing with your opposite hands? This is a fun idea: here.
And, here's a printable along the same lines: Opposite Hand Manicures or Doodles: (here) 

Did you know that we still have an active Monarch in Sweden? Little Princesses in costume: here

Would you set a bath tub by a window, like this?  (here) I'm so tempted.

Wishes for a wonderful, wonderful weekend! Willowday Wishes!

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