Sunday, June 7, 2015

Every party has to have a hat

Every party has to have a hat. 

Whether it's for a toy animal parade, pets, pretend play or you: making Paper Paper Party Hats is a fun and simple way to personalise a party and to be creative. 

Why are we sharing the Pet Party celebrations today?  It's Henry's Birthday.  To learn how to make your own hats and for a little glimpse of Henry's start of this day, jump with us below.

Making Paper Hats is very simple. This is what you'll need:


Card Stock (I like 22g paper)
Printable Paper Template (click here)
Thin Elastic Band
Optional: Paper Pompoms (tutorial here,) pompoms, glitter glue, confetti, hand-cut paper, sewing accessories such as pompom ribbon or sequins.

To Make:
- Cut Hat from Paper

- If you would like to use a template, use this Printable Hat Paper Template (click here.) You can use this as a guide and print it as is or shrink it to make these smaller.

- Attach elastic, with stapler, to both sides of the hat.

- Embellish. Some of the thing we've used to today are: Paper Pompoms (tutorial here,) pompoms, glitter glue, confetti, hand-cut paper, sewing accessories such as pompom ribbon or sequins.

(Play Where's Waldo with us: Can you find Henry in this Puppy Party Pile? All of this excitement put Henry to sleep! We think he actually looks like a toy on some day, too!)

Along with Henry and Friends, we wish you a wonderfully, creative and happy Willowday!

As always, I love to see what you do with these tutorials. If you post a project from willowday, just tag it with #willowdayproject to share! We send you wishes and all that is good! Willowday Wishes from Henry and friends!

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  1. okay, this is adorable! LOVEEE! xx

    1. Caitlin oh, that makes my day! Thank you!


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