Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Spring Sprigs

Hello Spring. We really haven't had the chance to officially say hello.

I love your simplicity and promise.

We take a walk.

Pick a flower.

Enjoy these at home.

Every day holds a promise for more.

3 sprigs followed me home from a morning walk.

3 daffodil from the lawn;

Day 3 of the week. You feel so easy and uncomplicated.

While I'm a life long lover of a beautiful flower and a bouquet, I'll whisper:  Spring you always make me feel a little impatient to get on with it: bring on the Summer! 

This year, I don't know what is is, but, I'm in love with the Spring.  You're outside and you're in my house. We're picking flowers, branches, pressing flowers, preparing to do a little planting, making plans, dreaming big and enjoying the smallest changes bloom before our eyes. I have so much more patience this week.  If you live in Stockholm, do you think this is an exceptionally pretty Spring, too?

Spring wishes to you today. Whether Spring is grand or discrete near you.

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