Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Printable Cloud Poster

Hi!   I'm walking around like a tourist in my own town --- in fact, even in my own garden. The clouds have been so beautifully distracting this Spring that they've brought me inspiration and I want to bring our skies to you, too.

Last week, I printed cloud posters for our house. Today, jump with me below for your own Printable Cloud Poster.

Just a few of the clouds that have been distracting me in the most beautiful ways:
| here | here |  | here | here |. Click on the link below for a PDF file to print a poster for yourself.

Printable Cloud Posters:
CLOUDS | A3 | click here
CLOUDS | US Letter | click here

PS. Come back tomorrow, Wednesday, April 22. We're Day 3 in the Red Ted, Kids Crafts 101: 14 Handmade Projects in 14 days from 14 different creators.  

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