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Easter Inspiration: 25 + Easter Ideas

25 + Willowday Handmade Easter Projects

We're adding many Spring and Easter touches to our home. We're creating indoors and out and enjoying what Spring effortlessly brings.  For more than a week, our lawn has been a field of purple crocus; plus, we've found our first "Vitsippa." (white flower below) On Friday, we were surprised by a snowfall (here) along with a Solar Eclipse (here.) Spring has so many faces!

We hope you'll enjoy this round up of Willowday Easter Projects. We'll meet you here soon with more and, as always, we love to see what you do with our tutorials.

 Come with us below for links to all 25 of these simple, Easter, projects!

25 Willowday Easter Projects:
Cone along with us.

3. Glitter Eggs: Make Momograms and glittery scenes! 

4. Chalk Painted Eggs: Oh, these colours are amazing. I was so happy when I tried out a technique that produces such beautiful results. 
5. Orange Bunnies. If you live in Sweden, an image of an Easter Witch will be a part of your regular Easter celebrations. Hop to this link where we've made Easter Bunny Oranges and see a glimpse of our Swedish Easter Witch! Are you interested in learning more about Swedish Easter Traditions?
6. Bunny Cupcakes (Naturally Colored). These arrive on our table every year!

9. Shadow Puppet Cards: Chick. I love 2-in-1 Cards. Here we share 2 variations of Shadow Puppet Cards for you. 

10. Clucking Roosters. If you have small kids, this is a MUST MAKE Craft! These Roosters actually cluck. Honestly: cluck! (We have a little video as well) 

11. Bunny Basket Pillows. I made ours with re-puposed clothing from the kids. Getting these happy pillows out every year, instead of baskets, brings such happiness to the house. 

12. Swedish Easter Bouquets: Decorations with feathers are a part of traditional Swedish Decorations. 

13. Origami Baskets: Make these origami baskets (and add a shadow puppet, too, if you'd like)

17, Easter Clothes: Make a Detachable Collar: These collars are comfy! Glitter collars that are detachable. 

18. Naturally Dyed Eggs: Guide Last year, we expanded sharing some further natural dying technique. The colours are amazing,. 

19. Nest Baby Shower: I shared these nest for a baby shower but, they arrive on our Easter Table, as well. 
20. Mini Bunny Basket Pillows: These are a mini version of the above with iron-on templates. They make me swoon with cuteness and hope they do the same for you. (perfect gifts)

21. Pop Up Bunny Cards (and template!)

22, Wipe Off Easter Cards. Oh, how we love give these, then using them over and over again. 

23. Easter Pencil Toppers

25.  Marzipan Surprise Eggs: Surprise inside these edible Eggs.

26: Marblized Easter Eggs

34. Make Bunny Madeleines

We're feeling the bloom of Spring here and  hope you're feeling the same warmth and energy. Whether you're in need of inspiration, tutorials or a dash of "just something new," we're so happy to meet you here and to have your come along with us. If you are inspired by or use a tutorial. I'd love to see what you do. I'd be so happy if you shared it with us on Facebook or Instagram and please #willowdaymaking.

Willowday wishes!

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  1. So many fantastic projects, Gina! You are truly fantastic. I want to make them all!

    1. Oh, you're too thoughtful! Thank you! We need another "making" day! xo


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