Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rainbow Binoculars

Make your own rainbows.

Seeing a rainbow always stops me mid-sentence. Aren't you the same? There's something so unexplainably magical about them.

Last week, we had guests with young kids visiting us which gave me the perfect excuse to gather up a few articles that we already had around the house for the kids to create and to then, chase rainbows: We made Rainbow Binoculars.  It's such an easy, fun, project that was followed by exploration.

So, today, I can't way to set you off chasing rainbows, too! Jump below to learn how:

I'm thrilled to share this project over at  Hello Wonderful today.  Just click here for the full TUTORIAL for Rainbow Binoculars + PROJECT. (click here) The rainbows feel so real... who knows... maybe you'll find a pot of gold, too! As always, we send willowday wishes and I love to see what you do! If you share these on Instagram, please share them with me: @willowdaygram with #willowdayrainbows

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