Sunday, February 22, 2015

Make a Snowball Lantern Cake

Snowball treats for you to eat: Make a Snowball Lantern Cake that lights up!

Hi friends. Our snow has come and gone; then, come again. We've had unexpected snow, last night, that's given us a morning of sledding and the chance to try something that we want to share with you, too: Swedish Snowball Lantern Cake. 

This is a perfect "Kids Bake" project for anyone, anywhere and we feel like we can share a little bit of Sweden with you ---- but, in yummy cake-form. This Snowball Lantern is even lit with a flame.  We can't wait to share this with you.

Jump below to get started, too. 


These are as easy as you'd like them to be. You'll need cake pops that have been dusted in Powdered Sugar. Bake the cake pops before starting then, continue below.  I've shared a recipe that we use to bake White Cake Cake Pops. We have a Cake Pop Baking Sheet. This Baking Sheet bakes up round little cakes (like this) but, there are other ways to make Cake Pops, as well. I listed a recipe for a way to make Cake Pops with cake crumbs at the end of this post or even store-bought Donut Holes. 


- 24 Cake Pops, Approximately 

- 1 LED Tea Light

-  6 T Cake Icing 

Since such a small quantity is used, you will be able to combine approximately 1/4 c Powdered Sugar with milk, approximately 1-2 t. 

- Powdered Sugar for dusting

- Paper Paper, cut in a circle, or Doily
1. Make cake balls.

2. Dust in Powdered Sugar.
3. Set aside.
4.  Cut Baking Paper into a circle or use a paper doily. 

5. Pipe a circle of icing directly onto the paper paper to form a ring.

6. Press a circle of Cake Pops onto the icing to attach. Keep these close to one another.

7. Fit the LED Tea light into place, centered, at this time. 
8. Continue adding row after row to build a Snowball Lantern Cake.

Embellish as you'd like!
This Swedish Snowball Lantern is what inspired us! Just click here to learn more about making the real thing that I shared at The Artful Parent, yesterday. If you have snow, these are a lot of fun and so beautiful. 

It's wonderful to meet you here and would love to see what you do with this tutorial.  Willowday wishes today!

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