Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Is this the most unusual sound in the Swedish language?

Hi friends, I just wanted to say a little hello. I hope your month is wonderful. Although we've filled willowday with vibrant reds and pinks this past week; our surroundings are very Swedish winter white.  When I came across a report by a local paper, I realised that my writing doesn't exactly reflect
the color of our everyday words, either.  I write here, on willowday, in English;  but, in our home,  I never know which language will be spoken around the corner: English, Swedish or French. Even Henry, our dog, seems to be casually trilingual.

Returning from recent travels, my eyes and ears were fresh and when I saw this little video, it made me laugh and hit on feelings one can have in a foreign culture --- but this one, literal made me jump out of my seat. 

Curious?  ... just click to jump below and see what I'm talking about this video in English.

Thank you, The Local for producing and sharing this piece.

Something else:
I'm trying so hard to catch up. I returned from AltSummit + NYC just over a week ago; but, factor in winter jet lag and I'm scrambling so hard to catch up! Stay tuned. 

I hope you've had the chance to see some of our Valentine projects and to make life easy for you, I've updated the Valentine's Inspiration Page so that there are now 20 Handmade Valentine Projects for kids, for you or for you to do side-by-side. Did you get the chance to see the wrapping paper art we made this weekend (here.) It's a great family creativity project. 

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