Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hersey Kiss Rings

Make Hersey Kiss Rings.  These are treats that are crafts or crafts that are treats. Either way, they're simply adorable and how we are using our coveting Hersey Kisses that I brought back in my luggage last weekend.

Jump below with us to see how to make these, too.

How to make Hersey Kiss Rings

Supplies: Hersey Kisses + Pipe Cleaners

How to:
-  Place 1 Hersey Kiss in the center of a pipe cleaner, with the point facing into the pipe cleaner.
- Twist pipe cleaner at the base
- Turn and twist the pipe cleaners at the opposite end (the pointy end)
- Twist to secure the Kiss
- Form a ring with the loose pipe cleaners.
- Ready! 
Treats. Crafts. Both. You decide!  Have fun creating. Willowday Wishes. 

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PS: Spreading the love: Instagram thanks to, Becky Sher, for the Hersey Kiss inspiration: here

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