Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Big + Small: Plush Heart Projects

Give a little warm, fuzzy, love
Embellish a cosy sweatshirt with a muff-like fuzzy, heart-shaped pocket or a non-sew keychain, side-by-side.

Two, simple, Big + Small: Plush Heart Projects that we've made as gifts. Embellish a sweatshirt with a --- muff-style --- fuzzy, heart-shaped-pocket or make a non-sew fuzzy heart key chain.

Jump below to make these, too!

I saw this fuchsia plush and I had to have it.

While I immediately envisioned embellishing a snuggly sweatshirt for my youngest neice with an oversized --- muff-style --- fuzzy, heart-shaped-pocket (I love the idea of the almost-muff for cozy, winter, nights and as a place for carrying around stuffed animals and other little treasures,) our daughter looked at this and saw something completely different: she wanted a fuzzy, heart, key chain.

Why not? I'm so happy to share a new Big + Small project. We love side-by-side creating which is also doable within a very small window of time and a lot of fun to share together.  Whether you're making these for yourselves, in a group or party or as gifts, we wish you fun, too!

Let's get started: Big + Small: Plush Heart Projects:
Project 1 BIG: Sweatshirt embellished with a muff-style --- fuzzy, heart-shaped-pocket:


- Needle and thread

- Sweatshirt

- Scissors

- Pattern Paper (plain office paper or newspaper will work)

- Pencil

How to make:
- Place paper on sweatshirt to determine correct size of heart.

- Cut heart-shaped paper pattern template

- Use this template to cut 1 heart from plush fabric, leaving about 1/2 inch extra round the edges.

- Turn edges over along the sides and sew seams using approximately a 1/2" seam.

- Pin heart-pocket onto sweatshirt, marking or noting, area that will remain open on the sides for hands.

- It is time to attach the heart-shaped pocket to the sweatshirt by sewing along the top and bottom edges of the heart.

- Press if desired and you're ready to go!

Let's continue on to the second project. 

It's a great project for littles and is a non-sewing project. These come together in a snap! Happy Making.

Project 2: Small: How to make a Plush-heart Key Ring

- Needle and thread
- Keyring
- 2 plush hearts cut identically sized
- Scissors
- Glue Gun

Let's get started:
- Cut length of ribbon and thread it, doubled, through the key ring.
- Place a dot of glue in the middle, press and allow to cool.
- Apply glue around the edges of the heart (on the inside or the wrong side of the fabric)
- Center the ribbon and close the hearts over the ribbon, press and allow to cool.
- Your key ring is ready to use!

It's great to meet you here. Wishing you a warm and fuzzy day!

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