Monday, December 1, 2014

25 Creative Days of Christmas in Sweden

Good Morning and Happy December.

25 Creative Days of Christmas in Sweden is about to kick off. This project is particularly close to my heart, as it came as a spark of an idea and a personal wish to work with other creatives in Sweden! I'm just thrilled to organise this group and to work together with all of these creative talents on such a fun 25 day project!

25 Days of Creativity Calendar in Sweden:

Let's start....

Day 1 | December 1: Dipped Dyed Napkins

Day 2 | December 2 Mormorsglamour: Make a Wooden Candelabra

Day 3 | December 3: Craft and Creativity: Make a Paper Village Luminary
Day 4 | December 4: Hildas Hem: Make Christmas Cards

Day 5 | December 5: Hemma med Helena: Make a Toy Drum Ornament

Day 6 | December 6: Made by Mary: Cheese Cake with carmel, apple, cinnamon + whiskey

Day 7: December 7 | Djura Papper | Make an Oro (Reed + Paper Hanging) 
Day 9 | December 9 | Mormorsglamour | 4 Gift Wrap Ideas

Day 10 | December 10: Lina by the bay : Arrange a Flower Box

Day 11 | December 11: Make Saffron Biscotti with Mini Piccolini

Day 12 | December 12: Djurabok: Make a Paper Santa
Willowday Wishes!
Thank you, Karin, for sharing some of the group in action!
Do you have an image of Swedish Christmas already? Moving to Sweden, some of the Christmas traditions were already familiar to me since my family is purely northern with a lot of Scandinavian heritage. I arrived here knowing how to roll a lefsa, what lutefisk was (to my husbands alarm) and had baked my share of Scandinavian cookies largely thanks to two Norwegian Great-Grandparents.

We'll be here all month long, as usual and look forward to being a part of this 25 Creative Days of Christmas in Sweden on December 13, 16 and Christmas Day! Willowday wishes for the start of a wonderful month! Gina + family at willowday

If you're just joining us now, this is how it works: every day one new blogger shares a post with something inspiring for the holidays; the next day, the calendar moves on to the next blog who does the same and continues through our group of Swedish creatives for 25 days. It's been so much fun to work together and to see the new, inspiring, work daily.

How to follow us:

1. Use the calendar below to move from blog to blog.
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2. Use the Logo to the right: Click on the 25 Creative Days of Christmas logo on the right-hand side of my page which will send you directly to the current day

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