Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Thankful for them!

I'm wondering if you are like me and have had the word thankful popping into your mind often this month. No, I am not a cartoon character with super powers assigned to me that keep me constantly thankful, but, I will admit that I have had many recent internal dialogues all built around this word.
I'm wondering, are people statically kinder, happier, more thoughtful when we have a holiday that includes this word, since I've both read and been told recently that the ability to feel thankful or gratitude is proven to be beneficial to our health?

When the kids were in pre-school, I volunteered regularly to read books in English in the classes, along with sharing a craft and singing songs. These classes and shared holidays gave me the excuse to amp it up, create a party and create with kids. Unlike, Christmas or Halloween, the children in our Swedish or French classrooms, had no expectations about the American holiday of Thanksgiving but, in conversations about the simplicity of thanks, all of the teacher responded by saying that they would defintiely adopt the idea of Thanksgiving in their classrooms, too; although ala: Swedish or French-style, which I think is just lovely. (And, for the kids in these classrooms, after one year with a surprise brown-paper-bag-turkey filled with popcorn*, there were many requests for this the following year and kids remembered.) 

Yesterday, I attended my first Thanksgiving Luncheon of the year. (Living abroad doesn't necessarily mean the lack of thanksgiving but, some years: multiples.) Jody Fondell opened the American Women Club Luncheon with the wise words: 

It's not happy people who are thankful,
It is thankful people who are happy. 

While it was easy to sit in that room filled with friends, food and community, to be mindful of thanks, I turned the wheels back in my mind, to the day before and how perspective and thanks can make everything better.

The day before, my husband flew off for a week ...  to a meeting in a location that is a sunny honeymoon destination for many; leaving me bundled up, in need of caffeine and squinting in the dark to piece together the puzzle all parents are familiar with: multiples of overlapping actives and events while fulfilling my team commitment to man the team's concession stand, selling hotdogs, for several hours and all other home maintenance required on a Sunday night; applya little thanks and instead is was a day with a chance to get to know another very nice parent I had never spent time with, an opportunity to share an experience with the kids (counting change is the best hands-on math) and time with them in an activity/sport that they love and is important to them. I will admit that I'm like this often and that makes me thankful for my parents who have this spirit and how they infused this on their kids. In November,  I think thanks is present every day as a reminder. I wrote once, how I would love to keep the word: joy year around and would put thanks right up there with it. It seems to me that equipping our children with the gift of thanks, we can build a bridge for the kids and happiness, too.  Thank you, Thanksgiving, for that reminder.

What are your thoughts this month? I feel that so many people I know list Thanksgiving as a favorite. Have you ever had more than one Thanksgiving meal? Do you address the concept of thanks and gratitude in your daily life or school? I'd love to hear from you.

Willowday Wishes.

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  1. Every day and moment is something I give thanks

    Your post was lovely and a good reminder in these busy seasons to be thankful for what is important.

  2. "Joy" and "thanks" are indeed good year-round words!

    1. Thank you for adding a little bit of both to mine!


Thank you!