Friday, November 21, 2014

Printable Thanksgiving Wrapping Paper

Happy Friday. Wrapping Thanksgiving Gifts?  If so, I thought this Thanksgiving Wrapping Paper might be just the wrap for you.

Jump below to find it in 3 sizes. All 3 templates are at the end of the post.

Click | here | for US letter sized Thanksgiving Wrapping Paper
Click | here| for A4 Thanksgiving Wrapping Paper
Click | here | for A3 Thanksgiving Wrapping Paper

Above: Turkey Chalkboard Handprint Cards
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  1. I've been following your blog all the way from the start . You have a lovely daughter and your dog is adorable . You have so many great ideas and you post a lot . I've requested you to a lot of my friends and hope that everyone love your bog as much as me .

    1. I'm just finding this note now, but, what a lovely note to find. Sincere thanks! It makes me so happy!


Thank you!