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5 Holiday Candle Projects

Happy Holiday Wishes from Sweden! It's such an inspiring time of the year here with festivity in the air, places and people to see, along with creating a cosy holiday home. Are you feeling the same?

Numerical Advent Candles can be found in almost every supermarket in Sweden; but, this is one you can make at home in 5 minutes with supplies found at the supermarket, too.

As long as we're sharing these candles, I wondered if you might like other candle favorites, too?Candles are central to decorating in Sweden, this time of the year, and all 5 of these candle projects are family favorites. I can't wait to see what you do with these tutorials. Come follow us below...


PS. I'm getting super excited to see what will be day one, on tomorrow's 25 Creative Days in Sweden. Read more about this below, if you missed this.

DIY Adent Candles

- Taper Candles
- Office Supply Numerical Stickers (like these)

How to make:- Peel sticker from packaging and place it, equally spaced, on the candle. 
- Press firmly.
-  If making a weekly countdown candle, use 1-4.
- If you'd like to create a full countdown, use 1-24.
- Light candle every day and melt the candle down to the next level (or new day.)
I love both combination of light and anticipation. Is this something that you do, too?

We've used these as long as we've lived in Sweden and my sister always brings back a carton for gifts but, with this technique, you don't have to travel at all. Just pop down to your local market for these 2 items and start making!

Now, if you'd like more candles, I've realised that we have quite a few. Continue with us to see a few special candles that are perfect for this time of the year. These are all both simple and fun to make. These are beautiful in the home for decoration or entertaining and also, make fun projects to do with the kids.

2. Hand Painted Candles
Hand Painted Candles are a candle for kids and adults of all ages to make and to give.
Click here for tutorial.

3. Wax Luminaries

Make Wax LuminariesExquisite, delicate candles that keep surprisingly well.  This are a project to make with big kids, since they do involve using warm wax.
Click here for tutorial.

4. Sand Bucket Ice Lanterns

Sand Bucket Ice LanternsGood bye sand, hello ice. These hearty ice lanterns that can last and last.
Click here for the full tutorial

5. Balloon Ice Luminaries.

Balloon Ice Lanterns or Luminaries: 
From the very first time our oldest son made these and called me with a "look, Mommy"... we make as long as we can in the winter. They are pure magic. 
Click here for tutorial

Clockwise from upper left:
Wax Luminaries | Sand Bucket Ice Lanterns | Hand Painted Candles Balloon Ice Luminaries and Advent Candles (how to above)

Willowday Wishes!


One day left: 25 Creative Days in December. Read more about a very special Swedish Advent Calendar here.

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