Saturday, October 25, 2014

Willowday Wishes

Warm wishes. Simple dishes. Happy Autumn days.

We're headed out of town this weekend after our first week of Fall break where we enjoyed visiting family (and the great French cheese that they left,)  local activities, catching up on some things at home like the steady stream of clothes the kids are constantly outgrowing and are now looking forward to a little family adventure.

Last night's Curried Carrot Soup made me think of the beauty of simple, comfort foods of this season and the fun addition of Trick or Treat Flatbread, as a way to build the spirit while still putting off the sugar that will come with Halloween.

We're returning just in time to meet friends for some Halloween fun when we get back but, will miss all of the special activities offered around town this week.  Stockholm schools will have their break this coming week and if you are in town, this means there are extra events for kids all week.

- This week, we caught the Jeff Koons Exbihit at the Modern Museum (here), Fotografiska Museum and Tom Titts Experiements; a science and experiments museum.  Click here for links to both of these museums and other things to do with kids in Stockholm 

Special Halloween Events:

Halloween at Home:
- If you're home and looking for Halloween things to do,
- click here to find things to make 
- click here for things from the kitchen. 

Above Recipes

The week in review:
- I hope you had the chance to read my interview with Swedish Book Binder, Linda Gimle: here
- Learn how to make paper fan garland with kids art here
- Printed out 1. Halloween Notepads and 2. Halloween Doodles here
- If you're in need of Halloween Inspiration, check out my Halloween Pinterest board: here

Willowday Wishes! I look forward to meeting you here again next week.

Above: Rosendals Trägård, Stockholm's Old Town, Modern Museum, Tom Titts Experiements

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