Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Pumpkin Light Necklaces

Throw away your ordinary flashlights: The Halloween spirit is here and I am so happy to share a little shiny idea with you, too: Pumpkin Light Necklaces! These are a perfect project to make and enjoy now and then, again, to serve as little guiding lights for your Trick or treaters!

Continue below to see how to add these special Halloween flashlight necklaces to your countdown, too.

(Click below to continue)
To make Pump­kin Light Necklaces, you can see the full tutorial here on Handmade Charlotte (click here)

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  1. Hi, Gina
    the necklaces remind me of a mandarine(tangerine). we used to make lights with them in december...i like the moustache!
    Best, Natalie

    1. Hi Natalie, what a fun comparison! I need to try this. Is it a tradition in Switzerland? And, yes, thank you -- we've had a period of mustache fever in the house recently! Best, Gina


Thank you!