Friday, September 5, 2014

Rosendals Trädgård

Happy Friday. I hope you've had a wonderful week. We're getting into our school groove, but Summer's returned full force to Stockholm (here | here) and I unexpectedly chased the sun to Rosendalsträgård today. These gardens, greenhouses and cafes are in the center of the city but, make the city feel far, far away. 

Rosendals is one of my favorite places to take visitors (here) and I discovered today it's "Harvest Weekend."  There was a noticeable bustle on the grounds and I immediately found a few things I
hadn't seen before, like a course for wheel borrow races and another area for kids to make art. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak of Gunilla Sahlin hanging the last of her art for her pressed flower art exhibit that opens tomorrow and was lead by a proud and friendly gardener out to the last trees that still had apples. There, kids toddled under the trees as nearby parents lingered over coffees at their blue picnic tables in the shade, extending lunches they'd brought themselves or brought out from the cafe; others picked flowers in the pick-on-your-own gardens; shopped for plants themselves, items from the garden boutique and I enjoyed lunch and noted many new little nooks and crannies. It's a place for strolling, having brunch, lunch and afternoon coffees and more. 
I've share other sides of Rosendals when my nephews and parents visited, (here); when we carved pumpkins there (here) and (here.)  I realised I haven't share Stockholm in a while and my afternoon felt like just the perfect hello from Stockholm to you.

Warm, willowday, wishes.  Happy Weekend. I look forward to meeting you again next week.

I did a little checking and learned that there will be a market with organically grown vegetables, flowers and bread from the bakery. 
- Garden Pizza and coffee will be on sale next to the vegetable beds 11 AM to 15 PM, all weekend. 
- There are many activities for kids such as making their own seed bombs, the wheelbarrow races, a garden mandala making area and color prints with vegetables and flowers with garden educators from Rosendals farming projects Play Grow Grow!  
- On Saturday there is a play through building program
- On Sunday, there's a children's theater at 1 PM. Tickets for the show are sold on location. 


  1. Looks a wonderful place to visit : ) Apples still not quite ready to pick here, but it's going to be a bumper crop!
    Wonderful makes as ever Gina : )

    1. It's like traveling every time we get to meet here! Thank you. I'm, embarrassingly, still learning my Swedish Apples. While those at Rosendals were at their end, ours at home are also still growing. Our apples don't look very good, either --- but, our plums are the beset we've ever had! Great to hear from you.


Thank you!