Friday, August 22, 2014

Veggie Wheels

Happy Friday! Start your motors, hello, Friday night!

It's our last Friday before school starts and we're feeling a little giddy about the weekend. Veggies cars arrived at our table at noon and I thought that they were the prefect salute to the weekend.  I'm planning tonight's Friday night aperitif-kid style and thought that they'd be the perfect addition. We thought that they'd be something for you, too. They're so simple to make. They're really fun to make together, too! (like this and this) Just click below for full tutorial!

Ingredients: (per vehicle)
2 cucumber slices
1 avocado wedge
1 skewer or toothpick

To make:
Skewer 1 cucumber wheel.
Slide on an avocado wedge.
Sandwich the avocado on between the second cucumber wheel.
Position and you're good to go!

Vegetables with a vroom!
Willowday Wishes!

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  1. You are so creative, Gina! Never knew you have a thing in food art too! The avocado seat is genius!

    1. Oh, Onel, you're so sweet! ... well, my mind is always 1/2 in my art studio even when I'm preparing dinner but, since I'm a Mom and crazy cozy meals + nutrition... I'm in the kitchen a lot! :-) .... I think I'll add more here and there in the season to come! Big thanks and yes, there chairs are so simple, the kids have fun assembling and then, love eating them, too!

  2. What can I say... brilliant and tasty!

    1. Oh, it makes my day to meet you here, Sian. Thank you!


Thank you!