Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Printable 3D Father's Day Card

Print and personalise your very own, special, 3D Father's Day Card.

Personalize these cards by adding you -- a drawing of your Dad, you and your Dad -- a message -- let your imagination fly to the moon and back, creating a Superday image for Dad this Father's Day --- when Dad opens the card, he'll find a 3D message. Just click below for printable cards + more ...

Every year I like to do something different for Father's Day and really try to step away from the office and ties. This year we made Dad these Superdad pieces (here | here.) Both of these projects were a lot of fun to make and ones that we're sure our Superdad will enjoy! I'd love for your to share the fun and today share a printable card for you to do the same!

Supplies:Print card (both outside and inner blast - PDF template below), Xacto knife or scissors, double-sided tape or glue, matching envelope, pens or color pencils

To make:
- Print Card.
- Draw imagine for the cover of Superdad -- make it your own. This can be a drawing of you Dad (or Grandfathers, like we did, too), a drawing if you and your Dad, word, etc . Make this your own.  I'd love to see what you do!
- Once the cover art is complete, cut the two slits that are necessary to make the pop up card.
- Cut out the message burst (this is page 2 of the template. You can use the pre-printed burst, like we did here or any of the others and add your own message.) 
- Fold the slits and adhere the Superdad burst to the tab with double-sided tape.
- Once satisfied with the card, it's ready for the envelope and ready for Dad!

Superhero cheers for Superdads and Supercreatives!

With 3D pop out Superdad Blast! 

Click on the links below for the printable card and assorted bursts to personalise your cards.

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