Saturday, June 14, 2014

Flags of the World Tattoos

FIFA World Cup Tattoos
Flags of the World --

Happy Weekend!
Whether you call the sport, soccer or football, all the "boyz" in our house are giving the World Cup Games their full attention and it made me feel like spreading the fun with temporary tattoos from flags of the teams from around the world! We love flags and hope you will, too!

Click below for printable temporary tattoo flags ...

The games also bring a fun opportunity to think about the greater world around us and flags! There are so many amazing flags and I've learned that my 10 year old is more knowledgeable on their graphics than I am. He served as a fantastic editor and consultant! 

We've assembled tattoos for all of the flags from the countries participating!

Have fun!Print. Apply. Enjoy!

Temporary tattoo printer paper (like this), printer, scissors

How to:
Choose the correct printable FIFA World Cup Tattoos for your country and paper size, below.
Print on temporary tattoo paper, apply and enjoy!

We hope these add festivity to your every day, extra cheer  --- 
(and great conversation about the greater world) ---
 Happy Willowday Making!

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  2. Gina, have you been able to find printable tattoo paper here in Sweden (or anywhere we can order it from in Europe)? Would be so great for birthday party favors!

    1. Mina, I am so sorry to be delayed response! We're away. I order mine from the ink club here in Sweden! Thanks for asking and let me know if you need it in any other formats (depending how quickly this party is coming! :-) ) I actually have it ready for several other projects we used it for but, just didn't have the time to share! This summer since I think you're in Sweden, I'll send you "cool" summer wishes! /g


Thank you!